i got sick of my name so i moved my recent ceramics to a different site, i'm much happier about it: https://gl.side-show.xyz

if you are here for my hundreds of original, high quality, successful ceramic glaze recipes (big ass materials nerd here) - those are over on glazy.org - https://glazy.org/u/gingerlukas/recipes .... i only look like a putz. otherwise i know everything there is to know about glazes :)

if you wanna see some old ass installation works both clay and otherwise, cool, here and here.

that time i was a grocery store cake decorator and made that "my work" for a few years

my google drive, for all the written work and old artist statements (they're good, i think, you should read em) -

here's the "random pottery generator" matt merkel hess and i built for our watershed ceramics residency in 2019

best way to contact me otherwise is through instagram (which is just my name)

make sure you spell Lukas with a K, not a C. I have a clear memory of being in Kindergarten and my teacher spelled it wrong. I asked my parents about it and they said "get used to it, kid".

If u wanna see all the pre web 2.0 animated gifs that come up when you search "ginger" - check it out!

i'm not going to bother with my CV any longer, because it's not that great for how long i've been doing this. i kind of just wanna make stuff. ask me where i've showed and i will just lie to you from now on, ok? mostly new york stuff ;) and i am a perpetual residency-doer (truth)